"CANADIAN SCOTTISH" : a name, a history...





Right in the Juno Beach sector, the "Canadian Scottish**" camping was called as such because of a canadian regiment from British Columbia.

This regiment is one of the eldest in Canada ( it has celebrated its 100 anniversary in october 2012).

   Its members wear a picturesque uniform : navy blue blazer, same color forage cap, Scottish kilt (or grey trousers).

The soldiers belongings to this regiment have reached the allied troups involved in D-Day and one section landed on June 6th 1944 on the beach of Graye sur Mer and had to bear violent fights.

   Veterans from the Canadian Scottish Regiment came back several times on their fighting field ; they have been welcome by the municipality and the population of Graye sur Mer.

   A commemorative plaque has been affixed on the village wash house.

   More recently, a stele has been erected in their honour and in the one of another regiment (The Royal Winnipeg Rifles) ; this stele is located at the Brèche de Graye, on the car park near the camping site reception.

It is in order to pay them an official tribute that the village of Graye decided to name the camping : Camping Canadian Scottish  on the very spot where soldiers have prooved their bravery and many of them have lost their life.